We have a holistic patient focused level of care.

We specialise in lower limb sports medicine, the rehabilitation of lower limb injuries; ankle injuries, muscle strains and tears, knee pain/ injuries, hip instability and lower back pain through lower limb alignment, this may be affecting your whole-body alignment and functionality. 

We monitor and accurately diagnose, then structure and design patient-specific programs that suit patient goals for optimal rehabilitation of the injury, which may require lower limb physical therapy; dry needling, massage, orthotics, taping, joint mobilisations and exercises. 


Some of our patient complaints and treatments include;

•       Arthritic Feet, Ankle & Lower Limb 

•       Dry Needling 

•       Biomechanical Video Gait Analysis 

•       Children’s Foot and Lower Limb Problems 

•       Occupational Podiatry 

•       Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation 

•       Sesamoiditis 

•       Ankle Sprains 

•       Shin Splints 

•       Knee, Hip & Lower Back Pain 

•       Footwear Advice & Modification 

•       Advice on running techniques

•       Customised orthotics w/ a 3D scanner

•       Over the counter orthotics

•       Taping 

•       Achilles Tendonitis 

•       Strength & Conditioning Advice